What I Did: Returned Clothes

After doing a couple wear-tests of the Old Navy pixie pants, I ended up returning all of them. I wasn’t confident that they would hold up well after several wears and washes. If the price had been right, I might have kept one pair to see what would happen, but at $25, I didn’t really feel like it was worth the risk. Plus, I seriously don’t need more pants. If they go on sale (what doesn’t go on sale?) for under $15, I’ll buy a pair.

Because I returned the pixie pants, I also had to return all the free white tees (if you bought the pants, you got a free tee with each pair). I actually did like the tees — they seemed like the perfect lightweight, easygoing t-shirt…but just like pants, I don’t need more t-shirts.

I returned a few other items as well, including two pairs of the $10 flats I bought (both the navy and green eyelet/cutouts). I was feeling buyer’s remorse for all the money I spent on clothes, so I tried to just return everything that I didn’t love (or already cut tags off of).

I did keep a few things. I kept both pairs of the zip-pocket pants (dark grey and camo print). I really like them. I wouldn’t describe them as flattering to my behind — the waist is too big so there’s no “hold” on my rear. I’ll just have to wear shirts that are long enough to cover my bum. That’s basically my favorite type of shirt anyway, so no real sacrifice there.

I also kept two drawstring vests (whoops, I never told you about that purchase! They were originally $30ish each, but I got them for $20ish each. Maybe more expensive than I would have liked to spend, but I had to have them).

vestThe vest (canvas fabric) came in two colors: cream and military green. I saw basically all of my favorite fashion bloggers wearing an earlier version of the green vest a couple years ago and have been kicking myself ever since for not buying it back then. I wasn’t going to miss the opportunity this time, and I decided the cream color would be useful too. I’ve really built up my vest collection in the last couple years. I’m not sure if that’s something to brag about, but I love them! I got two compliments from total strangers on the cream vest when I wore it over the weekend. I haven’t worn the green one out yet, but I’m assuming it will also result in compliments because it’s just that cute. I could probably write an entire blog post about all the outfits these vests will make. Just search “military vest” on Pinterest — that will save me lots of time.

And I kept the two pairs of black flats — one was just a basic pair of pointy-toe flats, the other was the d’orsay style.

Back to my returns.

Needless to say, the Old Navy cashier who processed all my returns probably wasn’t my biggest fan. I’m confident I looked crazy because I had to explain why there were so many separate transactions (coupon maximizing and online price changes). I feel shopped out at this point, so I’m hoping I just stay away from clothing stores for awhile. I went to Mall of America with one of my favorite people on Saturday (ha, that doesn’t make it sound like I’m trying very hard to stay away!) and wasn’t tempted with any item of clothing that I came across. We really didn’t look at clothes, honestly. We didn’t even go into Gap! We just walked and walked, making small talk. My friend did have a couple shopping missions, and we managed to cross off one of the items on her list. I did buy two necklaces at Forever 21, mostly because I had a store credit to use up, and all the jewelry was 30% off…so I spent less than $15 on two super cute necklaces. I’m fine with that.


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