What I Bought: Spring Fever


What I bought: Old Navy Pixie pants

What I paid: $25 (on sale until through this Saturday; plus you get a free white t-shirt if you buy in-store)

What I bought: Old Navy Rockstar Zip-Pocket pants

What I paid: $17 (regularly $35; on sale through this Saturday and maybe longer)

What I bought: Old Navy ballet flats

What I paid: $10 each! (regularly $22-27; on sale today only; in-store only)

Note: I also had a coupon that for every $50 I spent, I got $15 off, so I actually paid less than what I listed here. I did separate transactions in order to maximize that coupon too.

Old Navy has a strong, strong hold on me. It’s probably because I moved to a new house and got a new job. I’m no longer a mile away from the Mall of America and I no longer work in downtown Minneapolis. So to visit a variety of stores means I have to muster up the motivation to drive on multiple highways and commit at least a couple hours of time for shopping (otherwise it’s not really worth the trip). Luckily my new suburb has an Old Navy, so it’s only about a two- or three-mile drive from my house and my new office. Since it’s basically the only place I can shop for clothes, I tend to shop there…a lot. Of course that will all change when the new outlet mall opens in August. But back to Old Navy.

I have HATED, HATED Old Navy jeans and cargos for years. I could never find a pair of pants that I thought looked even remotely flattering on me. I had to go up 3 or 4 sizes (from what I typically wear at other stores) to get my legs all the way in, but was left with an unwearable waist.

When I saw the cute ad with Amy Poehler about their new pixie pants (although let’s be real: no one is wearing capri pants and a thin t-shirt to a job interview), I decided to give them one more chance. Plus, I have two friends who LOVE Old Navy’s pants. I went to my nearest store and grabbed a couple styles (one print, one solid) and a couple sizes in each. Amazingly, one of the sizes fit!

The print pattern I tried was a little too busy for me, but I did get the solid color (red). I ended up buying them in black and teal as well…so much for cutting back on shopping! But these pants are versatile: they are super cute as ankle pants and will get me all the way through the spring, summer and fall, but they are also tight enough on my leg that I think I could wear them with boots in the winter. Most importantly, they’re perfectly dressy enough for me to wear to work.

While on my way out of the dressing room area, I fell in love with a pair of camo print Rockstar zip-pocket pants. (Note: they have a couple camo prints in this style — I bought the darker version).

My main concern with all the pants I purchased is the stretch factor. The fabric is SUPER stretchy, which makes them ultra comfortable right now…but I’m worried will make them more likely to stretch two or three sizes as I wear them. I plan to do a ‘wear-test’ this weekend while I’m sitting around the house to see how they fare. I’m also a little concerned about how much they’ll fade with each wash. Fingers crossed.

As for sizing, I purchased a size larger than what I typically wear (Loft, Express, Limited, Gap). They are pretty tight in the legs right now (I’m confident they’ll stretch out a little to be slightly more relaxed) and are comfortable in the waist area.

The pant excursion wasn’t my only find…


Old Navy had all flats on sale for $10 today (in-store only). My go-to pair of black flats are beyond help right now. I know that they need to be thrown away, but I really didn’t want to spend the money to replace them, especially when I can’t seem to find any that I really like. Today’s $10 sale was the perfect solution. I bought a basic pair of black pointy-toe shoes (like the red ones above), a black pair of D’Orsay pointy-toes (the link goes to a pair of faux patent — mine are suede) and a pair of green suede perforated flats. All for $10 each! I had purchased a pair of kelly green shoes similar to the black pointy-toe shoes, so I knew they were comfortable.

I’m so happy with my finds. I’m hoping I’ll still be happy after my wear-test this weekend.