What I Made: Valentine’s Day Dinner


What I made: Filet mignon with garlic herb butter sauce (recipe from Caramel Potatoes)


What I made: Cheesy zucchini rice (recipe from Buns in My Oven)

NOTE: Neither of these images were photos I took — they are from the sites where I found the recipe. I have yet to master taking appetizing photos of food, so I have to use the beautiful pictures that these talented people have.

About a week and a half before Valentine’s Day (a couple days before leaving for my winter-getaway to Florida), I asked Dan what we were doing for Valentine’s Day. He didn’t have anything in mind…so I told him to think about while I was gone. A day after getting back (two days before Valentine’s Day), I asked him if he’d made reservations anywhere. When he said no, I initially got a little angry. But then I asked myself, “Is there anywhere you wanted to go? Were you craving anything?” The answer to the first question was no. I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money on dinner, especially when I had just returned from Florida where I spent quite a bit on food. The answer to the second question was yes, but that’s because there’s always some kind of food I’m craving. For holidays and other special events, the food I’m craving — as of late — seems to be steak. I could go into a long monologue about how much I love steak and my relationship with it since childhood, but I will spare you. The point is that I wanted steak for my Valentine’s dinner.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been making recipes I’ve found on Pinterest. It’s actually been really fun. Mostly because I have never been someone anyone would describe as “good at cooking.” On the afternoon before Valentine’s Day, I started exploring Pinterest for dinner-worthy meals. And incredibly easy-to-make meals. I found a recipe for filet mignon that sounded easy enough. Then I searched for an appropriate side dish and luckily found the rice recipe. Since I had a hair color appointment that evening that is conveniently located near a Super Target, I decided I’d head over there early, get all my groceries and then leave them in my car while my hair was being done. That’s about the only convenient thing about winter: you can leave groceries in your car without worrying about them spoiling while they sit.

Overall, everything turned out really well. I would definitely make this meal again. However, I would probably splurge and buy meat from an actual butcher or a place that is known for its high-quality meat. The filet mignon meat I bought from Target was fine…but not melt-in-my-mouth amazing.


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