How I’m Doing: Healthier Choices Challenge Check-in 2

Time for another check-in!

So far, I’ve been really happy with my progress. I’ve lost about 6 pounds (yay!). I owe all of that to using MyFitnessPal, honestly. Seeing exactly what I’m eating and how that affects my goals has been super motivational for me. There have been times I wanted to eat an extra piece of pizza or an extra-large bowl of ice cream. When I did the math and realized those foods would put me over the edge, I either refrained from eating anything at all, or I found a healthier alternative.

Exercise has been a huge piece. When I see how many calories I’m consuming, or if I really, really want that extra piece of pizza, I make a deal with myself. I can eat the extra piece of pizza, but I have to run an extra mile or two on the treadmill. This weekend I met up with one of my favorite people for breakfast. The night before our get together, I checked the nutrition info for the restaurant, found something on their light/healthy menu, then made myself run a little more than 4 miles that morning so I wouldn’t feel guilty. Mission accomplished.

I’m doing well on all of my goals…except the number of fruit and vegetable servings. Once week three started, it’s like I forgot that I needed to buy enough groceries for three servings of each every day. I ran out of fresh produce midway through the week, and refused to go grocery shopping due to frigid temps. I also started making more meals via recipes on Pinterest, which has been fun, but I end up eating only the entree that I make, rather than having a side of veggies to go along with it. All the recipes I’ve made have a good amount of veggies in there, but I’m not eating enough in one sitting to make up for multiple servings, I don’t think.

Even though Dan and I went grocery shopping yesterday, somehow the only fruit I came home with were bananas. We have a ton of frozen fruit for smoothies…I might be making a lot of smoothies this week.

As for walking three miles a day at work? Killing it.

Standing up at my desk for at least two and a half hours a day? Not killing it, but close enough.

In less than a week, I’ll be on my sun-filled (if the weather cooperates…) vacation. Even if the weather isn’t nice enough to sit on the beach, I’m looking forward to non-frigid temps and fresh air.


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