What I Bought: Merona Premium Control Top Opaque Tights


What I bought: Merona Premium Control Top Opaque Tights (Target)

What I paid: $8-10 (on sale for $8 on target.com right now!)

I have absolutely horrible luck with tights. I can snag a pair of tights before leaving the house. I once wore a pair of tights to work and realized after about an hour of being in the office that I had a long, visible run all the way down my leg. I went to Target and bought a cheap pair that I could slip into. I snagged the new pair about three hours later. Seriously!

Before I talk about these premium tights (which I actually like), let’s talk about tights in general. Why are they packaged with a giant piece of cardboard on the inside? I have snagged at least two pairs of tights just trying to get that cardboard piece out. I have to be doing something wrong. Right? Why can’t tights be packaged in some kind of vacuum-sealed plastic wrap, similar to those bulk packs of crew socks? I get that sometimes you want to feel the texture of the tights before buying them…maybe there is a little square of the plastic bag that is open — almost like a scratch & sniff-sized opening. But do we really need to feel them before buying them?

It’s possible that I’ve been buying the wrong size of tights. I feel like when I wear them, they almost cut off circulation in my stomach, similar to Spanx. I realize you want them to be tight to kind of suck things in and smooth out a few bulges…but I just get uncomfortable.

So a couple months ago (actually on Black Friday, so I’m sure my credit card number has been stolen) when Target had their Merona premium tights included as a Cartwheel deal, I decided to give them a try. My expectations were low, as they are with all tights. I also bought a size up from what the box sizing told me to do.

I’m really happy with them! They truly are opaque, unlike so many of the other “opaque” tights I’ve purchased. They are totally black. They feel thicker, almost like there are two layers. The larger size fits without suffocating me, but still serves the purpose of smoothing out bulges here and there.

I would highly recommend them.


4 thoughts on “What I Bought: Merona Premium Control Top Opaque Tights

  1. I bought these tight in 2014 also and I can’t believe how long they last and the fit is wonderful. I noticed Target is not stocking them this year so I am glad I bough a bunch (almost too many) Very nice durable tights that are truly opaque and just the right amount of firmness and comfortable.

    • I’m so sad to hear Target isn’t stocking them anymore! I haven’t had to buy any since a couple years ago — like you said, they last so long!

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