How I’m Doing: Healthier Choices Challenge Update

Time for a goals check-in.

Make everything I eat a little healthier
The biggest contributor to success for this goal has been portion control. I’m making sure that I measure (or accurately “eye-ball”) what I’m eating so that my nutrition info in MyFitnessPal is correct. I’ve tried to make the majority of my meals and snacks healthy, but unhealthy things slip in there from time to time. I just limit myself to a small portion, then enjoy it.

What needs work: My snacks. On some days, my snacks were close to half (sometimes more!) my total daily caloric allowance. Yikes! While most of my snacks are healthier than my snacks used to be, I don’t always practice portion control, so the calories end up super high.

Eat at least one fruit/one veggie serving per day, then increase to two during week two, etc.
This is the goal I thought I’d struggle with the most. The first week was a breeze. The beginning of week two was a little harder. I realize that sounds pathetic, but that’s my reality! I haven’t made any super-awesome recipes to incorporate my servings — so far it’s almost all been through snacks. I’ve relied heavily on the frozen steamer side dishes to get veggies into my main meals. So far my favorite vegetable incorporation has been adding lots of spinach to eggs. I cook the spinach in a pan with a teensy bit of olive oil, then add a scrambled egg. I love how crispy the spinach gets. Yum! Probably the only time you will hear me use “yum” and “spinach” together. Oh, and I’ve been putting tons of spinach on my pizza. Ha, my cheese-stuffed-crust pepperoni pizza. Nobody’s perfect!

What needs work: It would be great if I could make an effort to find a few recipes that incorporated fruits/veggies in them so I’m not always having them just on the side. That sounds like more work, though, and I haven’t been organized enough to put in that extra effort.

Walk at least three miles a day at work
I’ve done awesome with this! There was only one day where I didn’t meet my at-work goal, but I made myself walk that extra distance on my treadmill that night. I’ve had a few days with excessive amounts of meetings, which has made the walking a little more challenging. I try to do close to two miles in the morning (when I have less meetings and there are less people in the office) so that if my late-morning and afternoon get a little hairy, I can still get most of my walking in. So far so good!

I did have to bring a more walker-friendly shoe to the office. I typically only wear flats in the office, but they have NO arch support and are about as comfortable as a piece of cardboard. These Dr. Scholl’s “Jamie” sneakers are some of my FAVORITE shoes for walking. They come in tons of different colors, but the orange pair below is my favorite.


What needs work: Nothing really — I’m very happy with my behavior here.

Stand at my desk at least two and a half hours per day
Eh, this one has been OK. There have been several days that I either didn’t stand at all or only stood for about an hour. I tried to overcompensate on other days, but I’m pretty sure I’m still behind.

What needs work: I’ll have to try a little harder. I’m just not as passionate about this goal, apparently.


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