What We Did: Procrastinated Hardcore

This is not a shopping-assistance post – this is solely a “Lindsey has a funny story and she wants to tell it” post.

So I did a majority of my Christmas shopping for Dan this evening after work, with the exception of the LifeCharge battery charger I wrote about earlier. I went to REI right after work to get the 64-ounce water bottle and the BugLit flashlight. REI’s website told me both were in-stock at a location about 15-20 minutes away. So I got in my vehicle and drove in the barely above zero temps. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a crazy long line of cars trying to leave (this location has a horrible exit setup onto a very busy street — making a left turn during peak hours is nearly impossible). I joked to myself, “Wow, it would sure suck if you ended up spending more time trying to leave REI than you do in the store!”

I was in the store longer, but didn’t walk out with either of the items I wanted. Neither was in stock. An employee told me that sometimes they scan the wrong label on products so the system THINKS they have that particular item when the store doesn’t physically have it. “That is super helpful,” I said. I ended up buying two things that I hope will work, but I’m not optimistic.

Fast-forward to later tonight. I was in bed, doing my last check of Facebook (because so much had probably happened since I looked at it 10 minutes ago). Dan came upstairs and said that he wasn’t going to have my Christmas present on time because no store had it in stock and he was going to have to order it online. I admitted that all my shopping had fallen through as well, and suggested that maybe we postpone our gift exchange. I secretly liked this idea for another reason: it means I can leave our Christmas tree up longer.

Anyway, Dan agreed to a postponed exchange date. As he left the room to return to his computer, he said, “I can’t believe no department store in a 100-mile radius has this item!”

After he left, I started thinking about what he could possibly be trying to buy. Then I remembered that he knew about a purse I had wanted, but I didn’t buy it because it was too expensive. I also remembered that it was completely sold out in every Macy’s store in Minnesota. This same purse just went on mega sale yesterday. I know this because I ordered it for myself yesterday afternoon 🙂 so I ran to the top of the stairs and yelled, “Wait! Is the gift a purse?”

Long pause.


“Is it that black and white purse from Macy’s?”

“It very well could be…”

“Don’t buy it!”

And then I had to tell him that I had just bought it yesterday after seeing that it went on sale to an acceptable price. And it had already shipped (seriously, shipping has gotten wildly fast the last few months — I feel spoiled!).

So now Dan is just going to give me cash, and I’m going to give him second-place gifts on Christmas Day. With a cardboard cutout of the LifeCharger battery since it won’t arrive until Friday.

Seriously, next year will be different! Gifts and holiday cards will be completed in a timely manner!


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