What I Need: Last-minute Stocking Stuffers

So Dan and I agreed that we weren’t getting each other gifts, but that we would get stocking stuffers. I have pretty much put this off until the absolute last-minute. While there are plenty of small things I could fit in the stocking, my goal is to spend well under $100. The point of opting for stocking stuffers was to save money.

Here are my top picks.

Ontrion LifeCharge iPhone Battery Case (Best Buy, $99)


Dan likes hunting and fishing. Some of those trips keep him away from electrical outlets for the majority of the day, which means his iPhone has a good chance of dying. This battery extender was one of Best Buy’s “Deal of the Day” specials (75% off!) late last week. It’s supposed to extend the life of your cell phone battery by six to 10 hours.

I ordered it through Best Buy’s website and opted to risk the chance of it arriving after Christmas, just because I didn’t want to pay any extra shipping charges (it will arrive Friday, which means I’ll have to get creative in how to present it to him on Wednesday). I had no idea these things even existed until a recent dinner with a friend. She had the Mophie (Juice Pack Plus Charging Case or Juice Pack Air Charging Case). I felt so old when I had no idea what she was talking about. I feel even older because I still don’t know how to pronounce Mophie. Anyway, I read positive reviews for both the LifeCharge and Mophie. The Mophie products are on sale at Best Buy right now (and appear to be in stock at my nearby stores). The LifeCharge is full price now ($99) and I’m not sure about the in-store availability. Best Buy’s website says that it’ll be available in most of my nearby stores in about three to five days. I plan to stop by my local Best Buy store just to see if the sales person has any insights about which product (LifeCharge v. Mophie) is better. The only reviews I could find for the LifeCharge (other than on Best Buy’s website) were for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Android Guys and Digital Journal). Since I got such a good deal on the price for the LifeCharge, the sales person would have to be pretty convincing in order to get me to shell out the extra dough for the Mophie.

Nite Ize BugLit LED Mirco Flashlight (REI, $13)

lightDan loves flashlights. He actually loves light bulbs too. Not sure what that says about him. Anyway, he has quite a few flashlights, but not a one has these bendable legs for adjusting in place. And at $13, it’s within my budget.

Sunglasses case (Walmart, $4-$10). Sounds pretty boring, I get it. But Dan recently bought two pairs of cheap sunglasses from Walmart (less than 10 bucks each and they’re polarized — he said they were perfect for trips on the lake where if you drop them or break them, you don’t hate yourself). Being so cheap, they didn’t come with protective/storage cases. Dan threw one set in his truck’s glove compartment and the other set in my glove compartment. Would you trust a pair of cheap sunglasses in my glove box? Absolutely not.

I found a camo print hard case at Walmart, as well as a few softer sleeve-like versions.

Nalgene Space-Saver water bottle, 64 ounces (REI, $11.95). Just when you thought it couldn’t get more boring than a case for sunglasses, I went there. Let me explain: Last summer, Dan worked in the yard basically every single day from the moment he was done with work to the moment he had to collapse into bed. He always filled up his 48-ounce Nalgene bottle with cold water, sometimes mixing it with those Gatorade flavored powder things. Anyway, he’d get through one bottle fairly quickly, and would either call me or “holler” at me to refill his bottle. I was happy to do it since he was slaving away…but sometimes it was right in the middle of a very suspenseful episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. So I’m thinking that if I get him this 64-ounce bottle, he won’t need quite as many refills… A somewhat selfish gift? Maybe. Don’t act like you’ve never done it before!

Gift Cards. Since we just moved into the house somewhat recently and Dan is the project master, I think gift cards to Home Depot and Menards are a safe last resort. Dan is at each of these stores weekly.

Any other ideas? You have like 12 hours to get them to me 🙂


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