What I Want: Christmas Wishlist — Accessories


What I want: Fossil Erin tote

What it costs: $218 (way too much! I’ll have to wait for the right sale)

I bought a lot of purses when I was in college, but didn’t spend hardly any money on them. I’m trying harder now to buy things that are more classic and somewhat professional. Or maybe just more mature as opposed to something I’d buy in college. Either way, I really like Fossil purses. While I do find them to be pretty expensive, that aren’t as deadly to your wallet as things from Tory Burch, Coach or Louis Vuitton.

While browsing Macy’s on Thanksgiving night, I came across this handbag. Lately I’ve been drawn to bags that I can haul notebooks or folders. My new job will entail a bit of offsite travel for partner meetings, which means I’ll have to have my notes and paperwork in tow. I believe that I’d look very professional walking in with this bag.


What I want: Samsung Galaxy S4 case (I’m linking to my S4 cases Pinterest board)

What it costs: $35-40

While the selection of Samsung phone cases is growing, it’s still nowhere near the options for iPhones. I love browsing through J. Crew’s clearance section on their website and checking out their phone cases, daydreaming that one day they’ll make them available for Samsung. There are a few stores (Best Buy, Amazon) that are starting to sell Samsung S4 cases, but most of them are very…utilitarian looking. Which isn’t what I’m going for. I rarely drop my phone (knock on wood!), so I really just want something pretty. Since J. Crew, Kate Spade, Nordstrom and Lilly Pulitzer only want to design for Apple, I had to search slightly less-known sources.

There are quite a few websites with designs provided by artists that can be printed on almost anything, including Samsung Galaxy S4 cases. The site I spent the most time on was Society 6. I found tons of prints I loved (and then Pinned all of them to my Pinterest board so I’d be able to find them again). I especially love anything with elephants, but I’m also a fan of anything chevron (although I feel like that trend is fading…am I wrong?).


What I want: Puppia dog harness in camo

What it costs: $15-25ish (Amazon.com)

While this isn’t exactly fashion I would wear, I’ve always considered my maltipoo, Digger, an accessory. When I first got Digger, I bought him this camo Puppia harness. Dan is into hunting, so I felt like it was sort of an homage to him. But it was also a play on Digger’s super small size (he was 5-7 pounds — adorable!!) with the tough print of camo. Plus camo print has been in for the last several years, so that didn’t hurt.

I loved this harness and we got so many compliments anytime we took Dig for a walk. Dig also loved the harness, but mostly as a chew toy. Dig was able to get his lower jaw under the neckline of the harness and begin his annihilating chew. It took him awhile, but eventually he tore all the way through where it was no longer usable. Dangit, Dig!

We’ve had a few harnesses from Target since then. They’re fully functional, but nowhere near as adorable as the camo harness from Puppia. I wish I had a pic of Digger in the harness, but alas, I do not. Since I think my dog is the cutest ever, I’m going to throw in a random pic of Dig for your viewing pleasure, even though it’s not related to the harness at all.


Don’t you just want to cuddle with him?!


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