What I Want: Christmas Wishlist – Fashion

Disclaimer: OK, so some of these things are items I already own. That’s how good they are — I would put them on my wishlist again.


What I want: Gap Shrunken Boyfriend shirts (in pink and purple, and basically any of the other colors)

What it costs: $49.95 (but do not ever pay full price at Gap, unless you need it immediately)

I became mildly obsessed with button-down (button-up?) shirts a couple years ago. All my favorite fashion bloggers were wearing their top picks from J. Crew. While I loved the patterns at J. Crew, I didn’t love the prices. I got lucky a few times and was able to pick up basic button-downs from J. Crew on mega sale (almost to the point where a shirt there was equal in price to what I would have paid at Kohl’s or Old Navy – score!). However, they weren’t the fun plaids and flannels I was hoping to get (although I did get a perfect chambray shirt that I’m still in love with). Luckily Gap also had great patterns, and their prices were more aligned with my budget. I bought a couple that season, but have taken a break…until this year. They have several adorable patterns in their shrunken boyfriend fit. I kinda/sorta already bought this one on Thanksgiving night (50% off).


What I want: LOFT Marissa Black/Gold pants

What it costs: $89 (LOFT has sales all the time, so wait for 30-50% off)

I’m clearly on a kick with LOFT pants right now, so it’s no surprise that when I saw these festive pants, I had to add them to my wishlist. I’ve never had “fancy pants” — the kind you would wear specifically for a holiday party or something glam. I think these would be perfect pants for a New Years party. I’m not usually an overly flashy dresser, so these might be a way to dip my toe in the water.

While I think they’re perfect for party attire, I also think they’ll work well in the office, although I’m not sure they’ll be good beyond the winter months.

Target had a similar pair, although they were just embroidered with black felt rather than this gold. I thought they were beautiful too, but they fit me horribly. Shucks! My thighs and hips strike again!


What I want: Old Navy sweat pants

What it costs: $20ish (like I’ve said…you should never pay full price for anything I write about – Old Navy has sales constantly)

From party pants to the laziest pants ever, I’m putting sweat pants on my wishlist. I already have two pairs of sweat pants from Old Navy and I love them. They are slightly fitted, so they don’t make me look 40 pounds heavier. But they still have all the key specs you’d want in sweat pants: elastic waist, soft cotton fabric that stretches with every move, and, oh, did I mention the elastic waist?

I went on a bit of a pajama pant-buying spree last winter. Think flannel from Gap and even a leopard print from Victoria’s Secret. However, as flattering as the pants looked on the Gap and VS models, they mostly just looked like regular, baggy pajama pants on me (imagine that!). While they were definitely comfortable, I worried that maybe they screamed “I’ve given up!” Although Dan and I have been together a long time and I don’t worry quite as much today as I did 6 years ago about trying super hard to look cute around him, I felt that the pajama pants might have taken it a step too far.

While the Old Navy pants are still comfortable, they’re also fitted, like I said, so they still give me a figure that is slightly more attractive than “blob.”

If you wanted to spend more money, I’m assuming you could buy yoga pants from the various athletic outfitters out there.


What I want: Victoria’s Secret Classic Fleece Hooded Tunic

What it costs: $48 (on sale now for $38)

This is a late-addition — if you read my post when I first posted it, you will have missed this!! I absolutely love these sweatshirts. They are mega soft, but my favorite feature is the length. I love wearing my cheap Target yoga pants around the house. On the days when I want to wear them out of the house, it is ESSENTIAL that I wear a top long enough to cover my bum. This sweatshirt does that perfectly.

If you knew me in college, you would remember that I wore hooded sweatshirts probably 80% of the time. All of those sweatshirts were big, baggy, shapeless things. There is no way they are actually flattering on anyone. This sweatshirt from Victoria’s Secret solves that problem. It’s slightly fitted, just enough to show you could be female. But it’s loose enough to be uber-comfortable. This is going on my actual Christmas list for sure.


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