What I Want: Christmas Wishlist – Jewelry


What I want: J. Crew Factory critter charm necklace

What it costs: $12-$14

OK, so I already have this. But I’m obsessed with elephants, so I had to include this for anyone else who might also be obsessed with elephants. This one is normally $24.50, but it’s almost always on sale at J. Crew’s Factory website. Apparently it’s back-ordered until mid-January — geez! I bought it about a year ago and I’m pretty confident I paid around $10  (combination of sales).

The chain is delicate/thin, and what I consider to be on the longer side, which is great for layering with other charm necklaces.

I also found a cute elephant charm necklace at Forever 21 for $1.80. Yes, less than 2 bucks.

Basically, I just love necklaces. My Fashion Things Pinterest board probably has the best examples of what would be on my wishlist. Almost anything from J. Crew, LOFT, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic would make my list. Tip: Wait until those stores have one of their “X% off your entire purchase!” sales, then browse their sale/clearance jewelry so you can get discounts on top of discounts. I’ve been super lucky the last few months at LOFT and Banana Republic — quite a few of the pieces I’ve found have been at Forever 21 prices. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with that! I’ve had good luck at Forever 21 as well, but mostly for fun things as opposed to classic, professional pieces. But you just can’t beat those prices.

infinityWhat I want: Infinity/knot ring

What it costs: Depends where you buy it

I’m not really a ring person, but sometimes I like to pretend I could be. I love these rings because they’re simple, but also interesting (ha, at least to me). This one is from the Etsy shop IndulgentDesigns and costs $34. This design is two knot rings combined, but I also love the single versions.

I’ve never purchased anything from Etsy before — I have no good reason for that. It’s probably because I return 60% of the stuff I buy, and I think it would be easier to drive 5-10 miles to make a return than ship something back.


What I want: Fossil watches Stella Tortoise Resin, 37 mm; Riley Two-Tone Stainless Steel 38 mm; Stella White Resin, 37 mm

What it costs: These range in price from $95-$125 at Macy’s, but be sure to check out sales (like Friends & Family happening now)

OK, so I already have the Riley Two-Tone watch…and I LOVE it. It was an early Christmas gift from my mom during our Black Friday shopping frenzy. For whatever reason, I used to think the only watches I should wear were really small-faced watches because I have very small wrists. Turns out large-faced watches look great! I think of it more like a bracelet than a watch. I love the way the Riley Two-Tone looks.

One complaint! The gold links in the band are definitely painted — if you look at the section that usually isn’t visible, you an see the paint lines. Seems a little cheap for Fossil to have done that…

If you’re looking to spend more money on a watch, I highly recommend anything from Michael Kors or the uber-feminine Kate Spade. The Kate Spade watches are super fun, but in a very adult way, if that makes sense. The Michael Kors watches, to me, scream stylish.

If you want to spend a little bit less, I like quite a few of the Anne Klein watches too. They seem to be on sale more often than most of the other brands, and you can typically get a pretty good deal.


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