What I Bought: One Coat Too Many


What I bought: J. Crew colorblock funnelneck coat


What I bought: Tahari double-breasted wool-blend faux-leather coat

I need your help. I bought two winter coats this weekend in my Black Friday frenzy, but I can only keep one. Which one should I keep?

I’ve wanted the colorblock coat from J. Crew for two months now. I love how bright and fun it is. However, I don’t love the price. When J. Crew had its storewide sale over the weekend, I decided this was my chance (other than waiting until the end of the season).

In an attempt to get the J. Crew coat off my mind, I tried on nearly every coat at Macy’s. I found this Tahari, and really liked it. I also liked the price: It was already on sale, plus an additional sale on top of that.

Let’s compare.

Price: The J. Crew coat, even with the Black Friday sale, is still more expensive than I’d like it to be. The Tahari was a reasonable price — it’s a little more than $100 cheaper than the J. Crew jacket.

Color: I love the red, navy and heather grey in the J. Crew coat, and I love colorblocking. In the pictures I took, the red isn’t as vibrant as it is in person — think bright tomato red (not orange tomato; really red tomato). I think it’s really eye-catching and fun. When I showed it to Dan, all he said was, “Well, it’s….patriotic.” I think that’s a thumbs down from him.


The Tahari coat is described as “mink.” It’s definitely more understated than the J. Crew. Since I’m pretty pale, I’m not sure mink is the best color for my skin tone.

Special details: The Tahari’s sleeves are like a faux leather fabric. I haven’t decided if I like that or not. It’s something different, I guess.


I also love the collar.


It’s kind of folded over and adds some visual interest. I have the option to unbutton it, which creates a more asymmetrical look. Not sure anyone else would like that look, but I do.

The collar on the J. Crew coat is actually really annoying if I zip it all the way up — it’s really stiff and hits my chin/throat. I don’t think I’d ever wear it all the way zipped anyway, so maybe that’s not a real concern. Here’s a pic from J. Crew’s site — doesn’t that collar look annoying?


This pic does a better job of showing the vibrancy of the red color, at least.

Warmth: I haven’t tested either jacket, but the Tahari feels heavier, so I’m assuming it would be warmer.

I like how both look — I think the J. Crew jacket is more fun, but the Tahari is more professional (but not in a stuffy way). Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “What I Bought: One Coat Too Many

    • That’s a great idea. Unfortunately neither store plans to give it to me for free — they aren’t quite as free-wheeling as you are, apparently!

      I think I’m keeping the Tahari, returning the J. Crew.

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