What I Bought: Black Friday Purse


What I bought: Fossil “Erin leather small top zip crossbody” purse (Macy’s)

What I paid: $44 (it was already on sale, then an additional 25% off as part of Macy’s Black Friday sale)

I have two go-to purses for shopping: a black crossbody bag and a brown crossbody bag. I love crossbody bags because I prefer to have both hands readily available for picking up potential purchases and I hate trying to keep my purse on my shoulder.

Last Christmas, my mom bought me this black Fossil crossbody bag that I’ve been using almost every day since. It has brown details, so if I am too lazy to transfer its contents to a brown bag, it’ll still “go” with that kind of outfit. I also love that I can fit almost everything I could ever need in the purse. Here’s a snapshot of what’s in my purse:


Instead of packing what I will really need, I pack what I will need if all my shopping nightmares happen at the same time.

Michael Kors wristlet: This holds all my credit cards, cash, coupons and my ID.

Pen: Who doesn’t need a pen?

Bobby pins: I have enough bobby pins here for a fancy updo halfway through my shopping excursion. I have no idea why I pack so many.

Eucerin hand lotion: My hands get disgustingly dry, so I need lotion.

Facial tissue: In case the air is cranked and my nose starts to run.

Hand sanitizer: I typically shop at Mall of America. There shouldn’t be any need for further explanation.

Two lipsticks: I maybe wear lipstick once a week — I have no idea why I would need two colors in my purse when I’m shopping. Yet here it is.

Chapstick: I go a little crazy if I’m out and realize I don’t have chapstick with me.

Bandaid variety pack: I’ve gotten blisters from new shoes and paper cuts from shoe boxes — bandaids are a must-have.

Medicine: Cough drops and Excedrin Migraine. The air in shopping malls is usually a little dry for me, which makes my throat hurt. And just being around the general public is typically enough to give me a migraine. Best to be prepared.

The purse itself is fairly heavy, but the weight nearly doubles once I add all these items. Within half an hour, I notice discomfort in my back and tension in my neck and shoulders. I try switching the bag from one side to the other, or adjusting the shoulder strap length so I can carry it with my hand instead. None of these solutions is a long-term help, however.

When I was doing a little after-dinner shopping on Thanksgiving night, I came across the small Fossil purse in the clearance area at Macy’s. There are several zippered pouches, perfect for the actual essentials: chapstick, cell phone, coupons, credit cards/cash, ID, mini bottle of hand lotion, Kleenex tissue, car keys.

The purse itself was extremely lightweight, and I liked the pop of color. Since it was already on sale…and an additional 25% off…and the checkout line was short…and I was carrying a door-buster memory foam pillow…I decided to buy it.

I used it all day yesterday during my true Black Friday shopping and it was great. It was practically weightless and I had ZERO discomfort in my neck, back, shoulders. I’m in love.

I’m sure all the other serious shoppers out there have been using a super small crossbody bag for years — not sure what took me so long to join the party.


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