What I’m Wearing: Thanksgiving

oatmealWhat I’m wearing: Old Navy Fair Isle Cardi Coat (camel)pantsWhat I’m wearing: Loft Marisa Straight Leg Pants (rustic port)

I really hate picking out clothes for holidays and other special occasions. I know I have tons of clothes, but somehow nothing is “just right” for the event. Holiday meals have always been tricky for me. Will I be hot? Will I be cold? I know there’s a good chance we’ll take pictures, so I have to wear something flattering. I also plan to gorge myself on delicious food, so whatever I wear has to hide the multiple helpings of turkey, potatoes, green bean casserole and Grandma’s homemade mac & cheese.

Enter Old Navy’s open-front cardigan and Loft’s straight-leg pants. I love camel and the maroon color together — they seem perfect for a fall holiday. I tried the sweater on this evening (and bought it, of course) because it perfectly draped over my body. I can tell that this sweater will hide all evidence of my over-indulgent behavior at Thanksgiving lunch. But it’s also fitted just enough in the right places so I don’t look like I’m wearing a large garbage bag.

As for the pants…normally I wouldn’t wear dress pants for a holiday meal. I have always considered dress pants to be uncomfortable and confining. However, this pair is super comfortable and almost feels like I’m wearing cotton sweatpants. Even the waist is forgiving. I love the jeans I recently bought from Loft, but the waist doesn’t stretch out much (I suppose that means they fit correctly), and are somewhat uncomfortable if I’m sitting for long periods of time.

I still have to decide what to wear under the cardigan, but that should be relatively easy (I’m thinking a lightweight, over-sized t-shirt).

Now, we’ll see if this is what I actually wear. I always seem to plan outfits for these events and then end up trying on 20 different clothing combos before deciding on something completely different.


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