What I Want: Christmas Wish List – Beauty

I wanted to do a gift-giving guide/series to help everyone with the sometimes difficult task of finding just the right gifts for family and friends. When I started coming up with ideas for the people in my life, I realized that the only reason I had these particular items on the list was because they were things I’d want. Maybe this happens to a lot of people — but I’m pretty sure my wishlist is not supposed to be the “guiding force” that helps me decide what to buy for others.

So instead, I’ll share with you a list of the things I think would be great to receive, and you can decide if they’d be right for anyone in your life 🙂

coachWhat I want: Coach Coffret

What it costs: $48 (it seems like most stores have a free gift with purchase for this; shop around)

Lately I’ve been mildly obsessed with fragrances. It started with a set I purchased from aerie last year after Christmas. Then this fall, I fell in love with Honey from Marc Jacobs. I also have a million little body sprays from Bath & Body Works. I always wanted to have a signature scent, but I just don’t think I can settle on one! Which is why this gift set from Coach would be perfect. You get four scents: Coach Signature, Coach Poppy, Coach Poppy Blossom and Coach Love. The bottles are super small (.17 ounces each), but that’s probably good for me because I can never seem to get through a full bottle anyway.

originsWhat I want: Origins mascara

What it costs: $17-21

Three years ago, Dan’s mom gave me Origins mascara for Christmas and I LOVED it. I have no good explanation for why I didn’t purchase it for myself once I ran out, other than price. Origins has several mascara varieties, and I have absolutely no clue which one I received, but I do remember using the Underwear for Lashes product, and it was great. The mascara I used went on smoothly — seriously, no clumps. I know makeup brands will claim that their mascara is “non clumping,” but I don’t think they know the definition of “non clumping.” In my opinion, it actually means NO clumps. The Origins mascara I used glided on smoothly and lasted all day. I also noticed that my eyes didn’t itch as often (not sure if that was actually due to the mascara or not) and my eye lashes weren’t hard as rocks/crunchy after the mascara dried.  sinWhat I want: Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin

What it costs: $18 (.05 ounce)

Two years ago, one of the top items on my Christmas wishlist was the Urban Decay Naked palette. This palette is amaze-balls. The colors are so neutral (other than possibly the super dark “creep” and “gunmetal” shades). I wear combinations of the colors nearly every day. The shade I wear the most is “sin.” The color is like a champagne-pink, but it has a shimmer/satin (not glittery, but “luminous sheen”) finish to it. It’s so pretty and perfectly fine on its own, but also looks great with slightly darker shades of pink or pinkish-brown colors (like “hustle” and “toasted” in the palette). I don’t wear a ton of eyeshadow, which is how the palette has lasted me almost two years. But I’m getting close to hitting the bottom on this color.

I’m not sure I can rationalize spending $18 on a mega small container of eyeshadow, so I looked online for “dupes.” The dupe most posted about was Wet n Wild’s Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells ($2.99 for three colors).


2 thoughts on “What I Want: Christmas Wish List – Beauty

    • I can only hope she reads it and takes notes! I’m also sending the link to my boyfriend and all my other friends, family and coworkers, just in case anyone feels compelled to buy me stuff I don’t need.

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