What I Use: Retail Me Not mobile app

What I use: Retail Me Not mobile app

What I paid: Free! Available on the Apple App Store and Google play

Since I used to work at a financial services company, I had the pleasure of working with a financial advisor for a deep discount. My advisor is well aware of my love of shopping, so at a recent meeting he suggested I download the Retail Me Not mobile app.

I had used the Retail Me Not website in the past, but it never occurred to me to see if they had a mobile app. My advisor and his wife also enjoy shopping (well, mostly his wife) — he said they’ve saved more than $300-400 so far. Yowza!

Since downloading the app on Friday afternoon, I’ve found several useful coupons for Old Navy, Famous Footwear and my mecca, Ulta. Not only are there coupons for retail stores, but there are also deals on restaurants. I saw at least one free dessert coupon. Who doesn’t want a free dessert? My advisor frequently visits a Jamba Juice that’s conveniently located near his office — he’s used coupons there on nearly all of his visits since downloading the app.

Other stores I saw: Toys R Us, Sears, JC Penney, Kohl’s, Macy’s, Chili’s, Bath & Body Works, Office Depot, Harbor Freight (this one’s for Dan!) and Express.

You can view the offers by category, but there’s also a neat option to view them by stores that are nearby to your location. That might come in handy when I’m at a particular mall and I could see all the deals available to me. I was able to select the Mall of America and it provided a long list of available offers.

Another option I like is to sort by “trending.” This gives you the most popular offers available.

There are plenty more features, but I haven’t used them all yet.

I need to put myself on a bit of a shopping freeze, especially with the holidays coming up and the shift from selfishness to buying for others. But hopefully this app will come in handy for those holiday purchases and my own mini-splurges.

Has anyone else had good luck with this app? What about Target’s Cartwheel? I’ve used it a few times and have saved a little, but seriously it was like 70 – 90 cents per store visit. I’m clearly not using it on the right items.


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