What I Bought: LOFT Curvy Straight Leg Jeans

What I bought: Rinse Wash (dark, dark blue), Black, Darkest Cranberry

What I paid: $55.50, $55.50 and $47.60 (regular price: $69.50, $69.50 and $59.50) — these weren’t on sale (boo!) but I entered my email address on their website and got a 20% off coupon (the coupon was for full-priced items only).


I hate jean shopping.

Let’s start with my body shape. I don’t think my body is weird, but apparently my proportions are not the same proportions any company on the planet goes by. I have a small waist (yay!) but wide hips (bleh!) and solid thighs (bleh!).

Then there’s stretch. Every company injects plenty of stretch into all of their pants, so no matter how excited you are about the fit in the dressing room, you’re told that the pants/jeans will stretch at least a half size. It’s so frustrating trying to pick a size that may or may not fit four hours after you’ve been wearing them.

Then there’s budget. Most of my jeans have been in the $30-50 range. I considered buying mega expensive jeans because I assumed they would solve all my problems, but they were exactly the same.

Because I’m leaving my current company for a new one that I’m super excited about (yay!), I decided now would be a good time to revamp my pant collection (I think I get to wear jeans on a regular basis at the new office, so professional and flattering jeans are a must). I went to one of my favorite places in the world, Mall of America, and shopped ’til I almost dropped. I had to have tried on at least 50 pairs of pants.

One of my favorite fashion blogs mentioned that LOFT did something new with their pant fits. When I went in, I read their 5-second fit. First you answer whether you have a hard time fitting your waist and hips. Um, yes. Then you answer if you typically have a gapping waistband but a good fit on the hips. Double yes.

This meant I was a Julie (or curvy). I focused on dress pants first and grabbed mostly Julie items, but took a few of the Marisa fit (which is kind of the middle-step between curvy and mega-straight). The Julie items fit better. Then I decided to try jeans.

In the store, the jeans weren’t classified by women’s names — it was just curvy or modern. I didn’t see any flare-leg jeans (maybe that’s a sign that women old enough to regularly shop at LOFT probably shouldn’t wear flare-leg jeans). I’ve always thought flare-leg was best for me because I thought it helped even out my proportions. But what I’ve noticed from full-length pictures of myself while wearing jeans is that it seems like the flared leg opening just put more attention on the areas where I didn’t want attention: hips and thighs.

I remembered Stacy and Clinton from TLC’s What Not to Wear saying long, long ago that someone with my proportions should try straight-leg jeans. I’d never done it before, but decided to give it a shot.

I fell in love. The jeans looked more like how I pictured skinny jeans looking on me, but in a good way. Typically skinny jeans will cling to my calves so tightly that you could probably see my muscles quivering or blood pulsating through the veins in my legs. No one wants to see that! I vividly remember wearing a bright coral pair of super skinny jeans one day. I crouched down to grab a sweater in a bottom drawer of my dresser and pulled a muscle, totally because the pants were SO tight. I hobbled around the rest of the day.

The straight-leg jeans seemed to skim over my legs without clinging. I still got the skinny-leg look without the sausage-casing feel.

I may have mentioned this before, but I typically think I love something, buy several of them and then a couple months later realize they are actually horrible looking on me. I’m hoping that’s not the case this time.

I’ve also wanted plum pants for awhile and fell in love with their cranberry corduroys. loft-cordThey didn’t have a curvy version of this (but you can find it online), so I tried the modern fit and was happy. The waist is a little big…but I want them for this upcoming weekend and am not willing to pay the shipping charges. So maybe I won’t wear them and I’ll order the curvy version later. I’ll see how I feel.

I’m wearing the dark wash jeans today and overall, I’m very happy. They haven’t stretched out — they fit the same as they did in the store (miracle of all miracles!). The waistband is a little higher than most of my jeans, which is more flattering…however, it makes them much less comfortable for sitting. I think I could still wear them to work, but I might have to get up and walk around more often. Or just refrain from eating 1,000-calorie meals.

I ordered a few pairs of LOFT ankle-length dress pants online (they were on sale and an extra 50% off this weekend). I’m hoping they make me as happy as the jeans do.


3 thoughts on “What I Bought: LOFT Curvy Straight Leg Jeans

    • I went to Old Navy and tried on four different sizes of their skinny jeans. Seriously, my legs have never looked worse. I was not meant to wear skinny jeans. The straight leg was great!

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