What I Bought: Accessories

all2What I bought: Lots and lots of necklaces

What I paid: On average, about $15 per necklace.

I have a problem. It’s called clearance sales.

Banana Republic had a sale on their sale stuff and I just couldn’t refuse. I bought a couple sweaters, but spent a majority of my time in their accessories section. I already have too many necklaces, but most of them are items I purchased in college. Not all of those purchases were bad, necessarily, but my style has changed. I think I’m also trying to shape my style “persona.” My goal this weekend is to sort all my jewelry and take everything that doesn’t “fit” me to my local Goodwill store.


I love this necklace, yet it’s the only one I haven’t worn yet. All the tops I wore last week were too busy for this. I think it’ll be perfect for a plain black or white t-shirt. Maybe a chambray top…but we’ll have to see. Ha, it’ll probably become one of those things that I LOVE but never, ever wear. No! I will not let that happen.


This one is classy, but subtle. Seriously, I am way into gold jewelry right now.


These will go with everything. I’m not sure if you can tell from the pic, but some of the chain links have little strips of what is supposed to look like leather wrapped along the inside. Love it. I’ve worn the gold one several times already — it’s a great piece to layer with other gold necklaces, which as I just mentioned, I happen to have.


Pretty. The one on the left is silver with grey-blue beads. The one on the right is more of a rose gold color. I’m pretty sure BR had this one in straight-up gold too.

allMore pretty.

I also happened to have a $15 store credit to Forever21, and figured I could pick up a few necklaces there that might pair well with my new BR pieces. I only found a couple that I liked, and the total for both was less than $5. (Seriously!) While I wouldn’t describe them as super classy or professional, I think they’re adorable.



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