What I Did: Got a Haircut

What I did: Haircut!

Where I went: Cole’s salon (Eagan, MN)

What I paid: ~$60 with tip (yowza!)

So normally I get my hair cut/colored every year right before my birthday. Somehow time got away from me this year, so I went out on my birthday with scraggly split ends and nasty roots. Luckily if I curl my hair, you can’t really tell how bad of shape my hair is in.

When I got off the bus Friday afternoon, I decided I was going to get my hair cut and colored. The salon just happens to be connected to my park and ride station, so I walked right in. Unfortunately they only had an opening for a cut, no color. “That’ll do,” I said. It’s probably for the better — I have no idea what color I should do and wasn’t really in the mood to spend that much money on the color service, anyway.

While waiting for my stylist, I went through my Pinterest board to find the photo of the style I wanted my hair to resemble.

The bangs and color aren’t what I cared about (although I love them!) — just the style. I love the fullness, softness and body.

I sat down in my stylist’s chair, showed her this picture and said, “I want my hair to look like this.” She said something about how it’s quite a bit shorter than my current length, and that if I wanted to do fishtail braids, I might have some weird pieces coming out because of the layers. I told her that was fine.

So I went from this:

me-closeupTo this:

short hairThe new style doesn’t even graze my shoulders, other than the few pieces in the front (I love inverted cuts). Sorry, but the girl in the picture with the beautiful hair had a length that was nearly what I had, maybe slightly shorter. Most of her layers are at least at her shoulders.

I don’t understand.

Now, I actually love my hair so it’s not a big deal. But seriously, my hair does not really resemble pretty-girl-in-picture’s hair. Maybe she didn’t think my hair could look like that. Sure, that girl’s hair looks super voluminous and full, but my hair could come close to that.

Anyway. The cut was the least of our issues. The stylist asked me all the regular questions stylists will ask. But it seemed like she was sort of judging all my answers. I’m a bit of an “open book,” so I probably over-share about my life, especially with strangers. I had said something about living with my boyfriend, being together six years. She asked when we were going to get married, and I said something like, “Oh, I’m not sure that’s our thing. I really only want to get married for the dress and the presents. Plus, we don’t really want kids, so doesn’t feel like we need to get married.”

“Hmm. How do your parents feel about that?”

I wasn’t sure which part she was referring to, so I covered all of it: “Well, my parents know I’m pretty selfish, so they probably think me not having kids is a good idea. As far as marriage, they’re pretty supportive of my choices, I think, so I don’t know if it bothers them that much.” Then I went and said, “My boyfriend and I aren’t that religious, so it’s just not a big deal for us.”

So she asked, “But you two have an agreement, or arrangement?” I wasn’t really sure what she meant, but I’m assuming she was suggesting that since we aren’t married, Dan probably thinks it’s OK to cheat on me every day and I just have to accept it. I responded, “Well, my boyfriend is the most committed guy I know, so I think we’re OK.”

The rest of the conversation went basically the same. “Oh, HE owns the house, huh? So you pay rent of some kind or something? Hmm.” And not like a long “hmmmm,” like, “oh, I’m really processing what you just said.” It was like, “Hm, I’ve been able to instantly judge you — negatively, of course — based on what you just said. I don’t need a second to think about it and see it from your perspective, I just know you are wrong.”

Because nothing I said would please her, I agreed to buy some sculpting gel and a tiny, tiny bottle of salt water. The two products combined were more almost more expensive than the actual haircut. As soon as the cashier told me the price, I wanted to say, “Oh, no, I didn’t get my hair colored today, it was just the cut and these two products.”

This morning I tried to read reviews for the products and watch YouTube videos, but there didn’t seem to be anything overly amazing about the products. The salt water spray had some decent reviews, but I just wasn’t convinced. So I returned the products (I never opened them). I’m sure the stylist will be even more judgmental of me now.

I’m hoping to find something comparable at Target or Walmart, maybe. Apparently Pinterest has a million “make your own sea salt spray” tutorials, so if I get ambitious I’ll try that.

Update: I did some research and found great reviews for Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray (available at Walmart for less than $5!). I bought it this morning and tried it this afternoon. I think it’ll take me some time to get used to my hair not really looking “done.”


4 thoughts on “What I Did: Got a Haircut

    • Ha, that’s only because you see me a weekend or two a month — if you had to rely on me to either feed you or desert you for a sale at Gap, who knows what I might choose?

  1. I was wondering what happened…..wow, good thing your natural beauty overcomes anyone’s judgment-based haircut. And I agree, you are not selfish!! 🙂 Great story!

    • Haha, I appreciate your kind words!

      I consider myself to be somewhat judgmental, but I usually am capable of hiding it from people. Unless they are my friends. I usually tell my friends exactly what I think 🙂

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