What I Bought: bareMinerals Prime Time

prime-time1 What I bought: bareMinerals Prime Time foundation primer

What I paid: $15 — a steal! it was part of Ulta’s 21 Days of Deals (original price: $23)

So it’s no secret that I love bareMinerals foundation. Part of the reason I love it is that it lasts ALL day, which I owe mostly to this gem. Prior to 2011, I didn’t even know foundation primer existed. But when I tried bareMinerals for the first time, the sales clerk insisted that I try this.

I squirt one pump of Prime Time onto the top of my hand, then tap my middle finger into the primer once, rub on one side of my face, tap again and rub into the other side of my face, and then do little taps for my chin, nose and forehead.

hand-1(My hand looks tan here. I’m very much not tan.)

I don’t use it on my undereyes. If you use the bareMinerals Well -Rested eye brightener for undereye concealer, Prime Time might be a good option under your eyes…I’d ask as sales person. Well-Rested didn’t really work for me — too yellow and not enough coverage — so I can’t help you there.

Back to Prime Time. When you are spreading this across your face, you will claim that you’ve never felt anything smoother on your skin. It’s like silk. Maybe all foundation primers feel this way — it’s amazing.

I like to give the primer a little time to settle into my skin, so after I apply it, I’ll do something else, like floss and brush my teeth. Then I apply my undereye concealer, and THEN I apply my bareMinerals foundation and the rest of my makeup.

I’ve tried this primer using liquid foundations before — don’t do it. It’s not that it ended in total disaster, it just didn’t really do anything. I usually use Urban Decay’s De-Slick makeup setting spray. I haven’t tried this primer with any other mineral makeup — might be worth a try. If you’ve tried it, let me know!

Prime Time comes in several varieties. There’s the Original, which is what I use. There’s also Oil Control. This one DOES NOT make your skin feel silky smooth — it’s a totally different texture. I didn’t notice any magical oil-stopping properties, so I went back to the original. I’ve also tried their Neutralizing primer. This one is yellowish and is supposed to help even out your skin tone. Did not work one bit for me. But I have pink undertones, so this was probably never meant for me anyway. The final variation is the Brightening primer. I haven’t tried that. Since I tend to have oilier skin, I feel like brightening would be a bad idea.

prime-time2I highly recommend the Original. The great thing about bareMinerals is that if you live near a boutique (or an Ulta or Sephora), they can easily give you a small sample of anything that you can take home and try for a week or so. You have nothing to lose! Other than gas money to drive there.


2 thoughts on “What I Bought: bareMinerals Prime Time

  1. You should also try finishing spray! I got mine from NARS but you can find it a lot of places now. You spray it on once your makeup is complete and it sets it for the entire day.

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