Birthday Week Extravaganza: Style Evolution

Much like a bottle of wine, I’m getting better with age. I’ve figured out how to wear makeup; I know how to curl my hair; I don’t wear Umbro shorts for all major occasions. I think of it as a style evolution.

If you watched the show Scrubs, you might remember Sarah Chalke’s character Elliot. In the beginning of the series, Elliot was normal looking, but pretty basic.

sarah-2Her hair was always straight or in a basic ponytail and her makeup was either natural or nonexistent. She rarely wore anything other than scrubs. She didn’t look bad — I don’t think she could! — but just not attention-grabbing or overly flattering.

sarah-4Maybe that makes me sound materialistic and judgmental (but if you read this blog, you already know that’s what I am, so I guess I don’t need to say anything).


By the end of the show, Elliot looked absolutely AMAZING.

sarah-3Hair? Perfection. Makeup? Perfection. You can’t see her clothes here, but in the final seasons, her clothes were the perfect amount of professional and flattering.


I like to compare my style evolution to Elliot’s.

bandI’ve got a lot of something going on in both of these pics. Rocking the very large, circular glasses. My bangs have a lot of curling action going on. bballThings started out slightly less than awesome. But I learned how to do the things I wanted to improve and found people (and YouTube tutorials) that could help me get better. I wouldn’t say that I’m quite to the last-season Elliot status, but I do think my hair is on-par with hers!


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