Bithday Week Extravaganza: Relationship advice


All week I’m sharing the most important lessons I’ve learned the last 30 years. Some are materialistic, some are possibly offensive and some are decent.

I really want to write a post about relationships and what I’ve learned, but it’ll be really judgmental, and some of you might be in relationships that are similar to what I’d call “dysfunctional,” so as not to offend too many people, I’ll recommend the book, “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

I wish I could have read that book before going to college. Then I would have advised college (and let’s be honest, post-college) Lindsey to read it every year, ensuring that the messages and examples from the book were ingrained in her head. I wouldn’t say that every chapter in the book applied to me, but most of them applied to at least one friend or another. Although I think I was probably pretty quick to tell my friends that they were wasting their time in their relationships…but I didn’t always see it so clearly in my own life.

I was the girl who called all the time, made excuses for guys who didn’t call me back (“Well, he’s just super busy with work right now and has a lot on his plate. I’m sure he WANTS to call me, he just can’t”). No, if he wanted to call you, he could have called you. Then, once it hit me that he probably wasn’t going to call, I’d start with the passive aggressive comments (“Well, apparently you are just SOOOO busy that you can’t call me. I guess I’ll just have to stop calling you so I don’t look desperate. OK, well, I’m probably going to go do something fun with friends now…call me”). Ick, makes me shudder.

So, my advice (if you’re looking for it): read “He’s Just Not That Into You.”


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