What Lindsey Likes: Birthday Week Extravaganza

30_v2This is my last week as a twenty-something. While a little part of me is weirded out by that, a big part of me is excited to put those years of embarrassing life lessons behind me. I know there are plenty more to come, but my fingers are crossed that they aren’t quite so mortifying.

All week I’ll be sharing the important lessons I’ve learned so far. Some are materialistic, some are possibly offensive and some are decent. I’ll let you decide what’s what.

I read an article in my early 20s where the author wrote about the differences between her 20s and 30s. The only thing that I remember to this day is that once she turned 30, she stopped saying “I’m sorry” for stupid things, like when you almost collide with someone coming around the corner or when you and an office mate are reaching for the same glazed donut.

I apologize to people for no reason all the time. It’s like I’m apologizing to everyone for my overall existence. “I’m so sorry that I exist and just happened to be walking around this corner when you were doing the same thing. I can’t imagine how frustrating it was for you to be delayed about a quarter of a second. I’m so sorry.” I’m 90% sure those people don’t expect an apology from me. But it’s just my natural reaction to say it.

My goal is to stop apologizing for my existence and instead, use the phrases that are appropriate for the situation, like, “Oh, excuse me,” or “Oh, there is no way on earth you are getting that donut. Step. Off.”


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