What I Made: Jewelry / Necklace storage

necklaces-11What I made: Necklace storage boards

What I paid: approximately $35 total

  • Three picture frames (approximately $6 each from thrift store)
  • Fabric (approximately $7 from Jo-ann Fabrics)
  • Cork roll ($5ish from Jo-ann Fabrics)
  • Pieces of cardboard, cut to the size of my frames (Free-ninety-nine — which means free, they were sitting in our garage)
  • Push pins ($2)
  • Spray paint ($4 for one can from Walmart. I probably used a majority of the can due to my lack of spray painting knowledge 🙂
  • Stapler (already owned it) and staples (free, my brother bought a pack of like 10,000 staples so he had quite a few that he was willing to part with).

When we moved into the house, I was lucky enough that Dan was willing to let me turn one of the spare bedrooms into my own personal closet. We spent a lot of time at Menards picking out shelving, brackets and other Menards-like materials, then Dan spent one Friday night and part of a Saturday afternoon putting the room together. My clothes finally had a place to call home! My necklaces? Not so much.

After a few weeks of having them casually strewn across a couple dressers (and countless chain knots), I decided enough was enough and set out to find cute jewelry storage options. Unfortunately everything was mega expensive, and not overly cute. So frustrating! I’d see a bunch of cute options on Pinterest, but I was lazy…until I realized it was my only option.

I hovered near the wall art/frames section of my local thrift store for about 45 minutes, taking frames off the shelf and setting them next to each other, trying to decide which frames went together.


I chose one giant frame with some detail work along the edges, and two matching frames that had similar etchings.

necklaces-before2I’m pretty sure all of this “artwork” used to be in either my dentist’s or doctor’s office. I could go on about my visions of the past lives of this artwork, but I won’t.

I went to Jo-ann and again did some hovering, this time in the scraps pile. Some of the people in that store really mean business, and have no problem edging you out of the way so they can get to the fabric they want. I hope to eventually become that serious, but more subtle.

What I did
I removed the “artwork” from the frames, wiped the frames down with a wet cloth, dried them, then spray painted them with white spray paint. While the paint was drying, I ironed the fabric to make sure I didn’t have any random wrinkles, then cut it down to the size of the frames. I also cut three pieces of cardboard and corkboard down to the same size. I put the fabric (pretty side down) on a table, then the corkboard, then the cardboard, and pulled the fabric over the sides and stapled the fabric in place like it was my job.

After waiting a day for the paint to dry, I popped my fabric boards into the frames,  used strategically placed push pins, and voila, my necklace storage solution was ready to go.

I love it! It’s so great to have a majority of my necklaces off the dresser. However, I realized I have quite a few necklaces that I never wear…so I’ll have to figure out what to do with those.

If you want to read how someone else did it (and someone who describes it way better than I did), try:


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