What I Use: bareMinerals Matte SPF 15 foundation


What I bought: bareMinerals Matte SPF 25 foundation (color: fair)

What I paid: $27 (I usually try to wait for one of Ulta’s 20% off everything coupons and LOAD UP)


Prior to using bareMinerals, I had tried a number of drugstore foundations and just told myself that I wasn’t meant to be happy with my makeup. I tried several Clinique and MAC foundations, but had the same result as the drugstore foundations: yellow skin after a few hours and NO makeup by the end of the day.

The weekend of my 28th birthday, I asked my mom if we could stop in a Bare Escentuals store. My life and outlook toward makeup changed forever that day. A wonderful sales person found the perfect foundation for me, along with all the things to complement the look: a foundation primer, blush, powder, etc.

Finally I found a foundation that worked for my pink undertones. The foundation blends beautifully into my skin and lasts all day. It’s super easy to apply — you can’t really mess it up.


If you’ve never used it before, I recommend visiting a Bare Escentuals store (at most malls…I think). You can go to Sephora or Ulta too, I just haven’t had the same luck there. QVC also sells Bare Escentuals products, but you’d want to know what shade to buy before going that route (unless you are a bold, risk-taking shopper).

This next statement sounds judgmental, and I guess it is, but I’m going to say it anyway: The sales person you get makes all the difference — find someone whose makeup looks the way you’d want your makeup to look. The first sales person I worked with had beautiful makeup — and she made me look amazing (no small feat!). I’ve had others whose makeup choices I questioned…and I walked out looking questionable myself.

If you’re buying it for the first time, consider purchasing their starter kit ($62), which comes with:

  • the foundation (available in original or matte; I prefer matte)
  • the mineral veil (finishing powder — I’m not in love with this product, but it’s fine)
  • several brushes that are fantastic (the full flawless face brush — pictured below — is included)
  • the Prime Time foundation primer (makes your skin feel like silk AND keeps your foundation on ALL day; mind-blowingly awesome — pictured below)
  • warmth (bronzer — I suck at using bronzer, so I have yet to master this, but the sales person made me look hella beautiful with it so I know it’s possible)
  • Randoms (when I bought my starter kit, it came with brush shampoo; I’ve seen the kit with other products as well)

The Prime Time foundation primer and Full Flawless Face brush — the supporting cast.

The Bare Minerals foundation is my holy grail foundation. I have somewhat oily skin — this stuff lasts and doesn’t ever feel like I’m wearing a thick layer of goop on my face. It’s lightweight, lets the best parts of your skin shine through (but helps even out skin tone and cover spots) and is almost impossible to mess up. I highly recommend.


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