What I Bought: Gap Body

black2What I bought: Gap Body – Favorite Wireless Bra (black and nude)

What I paid: $25.20 (Original price: $36; Gap had 30% off all bras)

nude-1What I bought: Gap Body – Favorite T-shirt Bra (nude)

What I paid: $25.20 (Original price: $36; Gap had 30% off all bras)

I used to hate bra shopping. I would go to Target where I could begrudgingly buy one bra for approximately $15-20. I never liked the bras and they didn’t seem like they fit quite right, but I tried all the realistic sizes available and settled for the almost-fits-correctly ones. Turns out, Target doesn’t sell my size (which I learned after having a professional bra fitting).

I stopped at Victoria’s Secret during a semi-annual sale, and while I was happy with the fit, I wasn’t happy about the price (even on mega sale — I’m just cheap and would rather spend more money on my shirts, pants, shoes). I racked my brain for other stores, but only came up with department stores. I’m sure department stores have a great selection, but I didn’t feel like I would find what I wanted there.

While I was contemplating whether I was the type of person to shop at Nordstrom for under garments, I stopped at Gap to check out their clearance, and remembered they had a Gap Body store next door. “Give it a shot,” I told myself.

The bras came in tons of neutral colors (can bra colors be neutral? “Why, yes, I wore a navy bra today — such a neutral color…”), and patterns/prints. There are several styles, like wireless, t-shirt, strapless/convertible, padded and more. I grabbed a couple styles in a few sizes and headed for the dressing room.

It was shopping heaven, like when you’ve been trying to find jeans for YEARS and you finally find a pair that is exactly the right fit and style. Or when you find a swimsuit that you think, “Wow, I might actually look good in this.” I feel like that can be such a rare occurrence — it’s only happened for me a couple times. This was better than that. Yes, better than that.

Not only did the bras finally fit, they were on sale and an extra 30-40% off. The first time I bought bras from Gap Body, I think my average price per bra was like $11-12. Cheaper than Target! And in my experience, a better fit and cuter colors/styles.

I can’t possibly love Gap Body bras anymore. Oh, well, actually, I can. When I bought these bras pictured above, the woman at the checkout asked if I had their bra card. I had never heard of it, and explained that I had probably bought at least 20 bras in the last year (I know, Crazy Town, USA; population: Lindsey). With the bra card, for every five bras you buy, you get one free. While this killed me a little bit inside since I’ve purchased a crap-ton of bras, I reminded myself that I paid next to nothing on all of them, so no big deal. The woman felt bad, so she gave me an extra punch on my card. Didn’t make me feel 100% better, but it was better than nothing!

The bras I bought this time are by far the most I’ve spent on any bra at Gap Body. I’m not sure if the black and nude bras ever go on sale, unless they’re in a funky style that doesn’t sell well.

The “Favorite Wireless” style is the most comfortable bra on the planet. I have it in a gazillion colors. I wish I was exaggerating. Actually I don’t, because I love them all.

I will say that Gap Body bras, for the most part, are more functional bras than uber-sexy bras. How you feel about that, I don’t know.

Who knew I could write 600+ words about bra shopping?


3 thoughts on “What I Bought: Gap Body

    • It’s actually a stamp card — looks like a stamp card you might get at a coffee shop or restaurant (“buy 10 sandwiches and the 11th is free!” sort of deal). I’ve put myself on a strict no-more-bras diet, so I haven’t been in lately to see if they still have the stamp card. It was available at my nearby Gap Body store (in the Mall of America in MN). Good luck!

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