What I Decorated: Guest bathroom

showerWhat I used: two travel-sized bottles of Psssssst dry shampoo (Ulta); two ultra-soft loofahs (Ulta); two scents of body wash (Ulta); two scents of lotion (Ulta); one bar of Dial soap (this Dial soap is a reddish color and whenever I open the linen closet, it honestly smells like fruit punch — I love it!); wire basket (thrift store find!).

haircare In the back: Matrix Biolage smooth therapie shampoo, colorcare therapie shampoo and exquisite oil shampoo

Second row: Matrix Biolage colorcare therapie shine shake and exquisite oil protective treatment

Front row: Travel-sized Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play hair spray and Healthy Sexy Hair soy tri-wheat leave-in conditioner

What I paid: Sorry, I didn’t track my spending on any of this. I bought almost everything from Ulta (other than the the Dial soap and wire basket). The Biolage products were buy two, get one free; the Ulta shower products were buy two, get two free.

When my friends were coming to visit, I wanted to create a “boutique” type experience. I wanted them to feel like they were in a store or at a spa and told, “OK, pick whatever scent or treatment you want.”

I’ve never used Ulta’s body wash products, other than their loofahs. I bought the loofah a year ago because I wanted something that wasn’t overly exfoliating — I just wanted something that would feel good against my skin. The loofah I bought was perfect, so I’m hoping that these two prove to be just as soft. Because I was in the shower/bath product aisle, I happened to see the sign for buy two, get two free — works for me! The colors of the body washes even coordinate with the loofahs — perfect!

I also love Matrix Biolage haircare products, namely their shampoos. The smell is just SO good. I do think my hair feels softer after using their products, but I wouldn’t say that I’ve noticed some increased strength or anything radical. Somehow I still need to blow dry and style my hair every day — no miracles here!

Other items: I didn’t take a picture, but I also had extra toothbrushes, toothpaste and dental floss. I also had a delicious-smelling reed diffuser air freshener from Pier 1 as well. That thing is a super strong scent — definitely does its job.

What to add: I think I’d like to add little dishes for cotton swabs and cotton balls. The room itself needs a wall clock, and maybe even a fresh coat of paint (right now it’s a sandy yellow, which is fine and neutral, but I’m not in love with it).


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