What I Use: Big Sexy Hair – Spray & Stay hairspray

bsh1What I use: Big Sexy Hair’s Spray & Stay hair spray

What I paid: ~$10 (original price: $17.95 at Ulta; I had rewards points)

I used to work in the haircare industry. Let me clarify, I used to work in a communications department at the corporate office for a hair salon.

Because of this, I got to attend a few haircare events where the gift bags contained all sorts of free hair product swag. Prior to this, I’d never used professional haircare products. In fact, prior to 2007, I thought Pantene Pro-V products were too expensive.

I have bangs, and for the longest time I went product-free with them because I didn’t want them to be mega greasy. But moving them out of my eyes all day made them as greasy as any product could. I was complaining to my hair stylist, and she said, “Lindsey, why don’t you just use hair spray?” So I went home and tried one of the free Big Sexy Hair samples I’d gotten months ago.

Wow. Life changing. I used to battle with my bangs all day. I would avoid going outside because I knew even the slightest bit of a breeze would send my bangs flying. Once I learned how to use Spray & Stay, it’s like my world changed. I didn’t have to wipe my bangs out of my eyes once. I could go for a walk outside and feel confident that my bangs were staying in place.

Be warned: I like my bangs basically locked in place, as in preserved in history, able to withstand the test of time, extreme hold. You might prefer a slightly more natural look. I’ve never tried it in the “less is more” sense, so I can’t say that you’d love it unless you were going for the withstand-the-test-of-time look.

I’ve tried a few other brands, just to see if I could save a little money. I tried a Suave product for awhile (one of their really basic lines — something Dan had bought by accident). It was OK, but definitely didn’t have the same hold, even though it claimed to be extra strength hold. I’d tried lighter hold hair sprays from higher-end haircare lines, but was never been as pleased as I was with Sexy Hair.

You can buy Sexy Hair products at salons, but it’s also available at Walmart and Target. I prefer to buy it at Ulta, mostly because they typically have some kind of “buy 1 get 1” deal (or something similar), plus you earn points on everything you buy in the store. I’d also recommend working in the haircare industry somehow and going to as many conferences and events as possible 🙂 You gotta do what you gotta do!


4 thoughts on “What I Use: Big Sexy Hair – Spray & Stay hairspray

    • It was seriously life-changing! I remember being so confident about the “hold” that I voluntarily went for a ride in a convertible without pinning my bangs back first. HUGE step for me. Ha!

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