What I Bought: Target haul, y’all

What I bought:

Mossimo black cat, white print blouse – $11.48; originally $22.99. This shirt is SUPER long in the back — not 100% sold on it yet. I love the print and everything else…just not the length in the back.

splotchMerona gazelle top – $19.99 (full price). I love this shirt. It will go with everything already in my closet. The length hits just below the hips, which is the shortest I prefer to go. There were lots of other super-cute prints, including polka dots.

leopardGreen silky tank and coral silky tank – $7.78 each (sorry, I already threw the tags away…but I’m guessing they were originally $14.99 or $15.99). I loved these. They are cute on their own, but they’d also look good with a cardigan for work. I’m trying to stick to a rule I made for myself last winter: If you can’t wear it to work, you can’t buy it.

both-tanksI did a bit of shopping yesterday. Actually, I had pretty bad intentions: I planned to buy at J.Crew, Gap, Sephora, H&M and Forever 21.

In the end, I returned a shirt at Forever 21; carried a camo vest around J.Crew and then eventually put it back; skipped Sephora and H&M altogether; almost bought a couple bras at Gap (seriously, their bras are the best — post to come), but decided I’d wait for a better sale. I did stop at The Limited — everything was 50% off the original price. I bought a shirt and then a clearance necklace (clearance was an additional 30% off the clearance price). I also stopped at Banana Republic — all clearance was an extra 40% off and full-priced items were 30% off. I bought two gorgeous shirts for less than $30 each. I’m pretty cheap, so nearly $30 per shirt is almost expensive to me, but I loved these shirts! Plus I had a $25 Old Navy/Gap/Banana rewards certificate…so that helped!

But where I did the real damage was Target. There’s a brand-new Target relatively close to my home that is NEVER busy. Ever. I swear that the employees are encouraged to park in closer parking spots just to make it look like the store is busier than it is. Anyway, this never-busy fact is probably bad for Target’s business, but really good for me. There is always an abundance of clearance clothing, and I took full advantage of that.

The main reason I went into Target was for their Mossimo long and lean tank tops. They were on sale for $5 each. I also love their Mossimo Microrib tanks. I can’t remember a day when I haven’t worn one of these tanks — I wear them every single day. They are the best under shirts. I restocked on the basics: white and black.

While I was there, I just happened to walk through their clearance section….and went crazy. I brought at least 12 items to the dressing room. I was hoping for a lax dressing room attendant who would let me break the six-item limit, but no luck.

In the end, I bought four shirts (and four of the long and lean tanks). Everything was on clearance…except for the leopard shirt. It was full price (!). I think it’s a great basic that’ll go with everything, just not sure I want to pay full price for it. But I figured I saved so much on the other stuff…


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