What I Wear: Old Navy Active

2013-08-22 18.44.49What I wear: Old Navy Active

What I paid: grey tee ($10 – on sale now!), grey tank ($12 – on sale for even cheaper right now!), shorts ($5 – not going to lie, that was an awesome deal), yoga bra (seriously don’t remember…sorry!), jogging bra ($10 – I always buy two because you usually get a better deal)

2013-08-22 18.43.26

I don’t know about you, but finding motivation to workout is rough. There is so much prep work, like removing your makeup, putting your hair in a ponytail that will actually stay in place, pinning back your bangs (if you don’t have them, wow, your life is already 10 times easier than mine), figuring out how much water to drink ahead of time that 1) won’t make you have to pee every four minutes but also 2) keeps you from passing out due to dehydration. Oh, and don’t even get me started on what I’m supposed to eat before workouts. I’ve read a million articles about “what to eat before a run” and “what to avoid before a run,” it doesn’t seem to matter — sometimes I’m totally fine and sometimes I’m intensely sick.

Wow, just reading that paragraph makes me want to never work out again.

And we know we probably aren’t looking super cute when certain parts of our thighs, for example, are flapping around. Years ago, I reserved only my most undesirable clothes for workouts. Ratty t-shirts with holes that were either caused by snags on sharp objects or the shear amount of sweat I subjected the material to making the fabric disintegrate. Gross. My shorts were ugly too. And usually my outfits never matched. Why would they? I rationalized that I was just going to workout — why would I spend money on cute clothes to sweat in?

I totally get. But part of the motivation to work out comes from having confidence in yourself, right? For me, anyway, I found that as I became more confident, I actually wanted to work out more. As the number on the scale went down, my confidence went up and I actually wanted people to notice me during my workouts. Enter Old Navy Active.

Old Navy’s workout line allows me to still spend next to nothing on the clothes I’m going to sweat in, but they are SO cute. And they’re functional. I love that the shorts come with a little pocket for my key, and I love the built in underwear. If you’re new to this, I’m sure that sounds weird. But to me, it’s actually great to not have to wear my real underwear during my workouts. There’s no chaffing, no weird bunching or ‘wedging,’ just smooth sailing. Er, running.

The grey tank pictured above is probably one of my favorite shirts (and I’m tempted to buy more since they are on sale for even cheaper than I paid…). It’s just the right length for me (I prefer longer tops), and it’s fitted enough to make me feel slim, but not so fitted to show off my less-than-stellar tummy. And, clearly, I’m obsessed with neon right now, as is Old Navy.

Some complaints:

  • I wish the key pocket in the shorts had a zipper to keep my key more securely in place. I’ve never actually had a key fall out, but I’d feel more comfortable knowing it was zipped in place.
  • I wish the t-shirt had a zipper pocket. I do have several Old Navy t-shirts (purchased a year or two ago) that did come with zippered pockets — love them! Especially if I’m taking my pup for a walk — I could put my key and his poopie bag in the pocket and it would be easy to get out when Dig decided to do his business. (Note: I didn’t put the bag back in my pocket after the business was done, just to be clear.)
  • I seem to switch sizes for the jogging bras. I prefer to err on the safe side by purchasing a slightly tighter jogging bra to keep everyone securely in place and prevent as much movement as possible. I’ve purchased a size up before and felt less-than-secure. The last jogging bra I bought, however, was the smaller size and when I put it on, my back was almost in pain because of how restricting it felt. Their jogging bras seem to stretch out a little after several months of regular wear, so I’m anticipating this one will fit perfectly in time.

Oh, I also love Old Navy’s workout socks. Geez, I’m like a commercial for them right now. I have quite a bit of the C9 by Champion workout gear from Target also, but I just haven’t been as in love with it because I’d only buy it on sale and the sale items never are the cutest pieces. Their jogging tops are also universally fitted (the ones I’ve purchased, anyway), which means my extra tummy jiggle is visible to everyone. With Old Navy, I can buy the cutest stuff and pay a third of what I’d pay at Target.

If you do a lot of shopping at Gap, Banana Republic or Old Navy, I highly recommend signing up for their Visa card. I rack up tons of rewards coupons because I use that card for EVERYTHING, like gas, groceries and more. During the holidays, you can get double and even triple points, which means you’ll be rolling in the rewards coupons dough.

I’ve never purchased anything from Lululemon — I have friends and coworkers who love their stuff. I’m sure it’s great, but it’s not in my price range for workout clothes. I’m sure it’s cuter and more flattering on your figure, but seriously, I look super good in the workout gear I posted above and I have money leftover to buy non-workout clothes in smaller sizes since I’ve been so motivated to work out more.


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