What I Bought: Ninja Blender

Dan isn’t what some people call a “morning person.” Up until about 6 months ago, Dan had worked a non-business-hours shift from 2:45 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. This meant he went to bed around 1 or 2 a.m. and woke up…well, I’m not sure what time he woke up, but suffice it to say that it wasn’t early. Possibly not even in the morning some days.

Because of this, Dan has a hard time getting ready in the morning, even after being on the new, regular day shift since January. When a couple of his friends said that they make breakfast shakes at night, leave them in the fridge overnight and then grab them in the morning as they fly out the door, Dan was intrigued. The less thinking or functioning in the morning, the better.

We already had the Magic Bullet, and we had been pretty disappointed with it. I tried to make guacamole (which was in the Bullet’s recipe book, even) and it failed miserably. There were just random chunks of avocado stuck to the blades — nothing was mashed together.

So we researched blenders, and almost every time found the Ninja near the top of the list. We had both convinced ourselves that we weren’t going to spend a ton of money, but the reviews for the mega cheap blenders were telling us to rethink that plan. After reading more reviews and hearing first-hand experiences from friends, we bought the Ninja.

Now, I had found what looked like a pretty sweet deal on Target’s website during their July Black Friday event. The problem was that Target’s website wasn’t super specific about what came with the blender. The pictures of the blender showed a couple accessories/attachments, but the “items included” description didn’t mention these things at all. So we let the deal go. In retrospect, I think we probably should have done it. But oh well.

We ended up buying the 72-ounce Ninja Blender from Target. It was $99 when we bought it. Not quite the super cheap price we had hoped for, but we were confident that it would meet our needs and expectations.

We’ve had it for almost a month. So far, I love it. I’ve made several fruit smoothies (mixing frozen fruit, milk, orange juice, yogurt, protein powder, oatmeal), and they’ve been delicious. Dan made a couple concoctions with ice (large pieces of ice that were pulverized by the Ninja) and spinach leaves (also pulverized). The Ninja has handled everything like a champ.


If you are looking for a blender or are considering the Ninja, here are a few things to note:

  • Our Ninja came with just one mixing pitcher — 72 ounces. Other models include single-size serving cups, which would be nice if you’re mixing up something just for yourself. I have yet to master the right amount of stuff to add when I’m trying to make a small batch — I always underestimate how much liquid to add. So we end up with about four or five servings…
  • Our Ninja didn’t come with any special accessories, but it did come with a recipe book that I will eventually get to 🙂 All the recipes sound delicious and pretty easy.
  • The Ninja is dishwasher safe, which is amazing in my book.
  • The blade is like crazy sharp. It looks intimidating and I think that’s for a reason. Handle with care! No one needs a finger in their smoothie.
  • Other models have special attachments that allow you to knead (maybe for cookie dough?).
  • Be aware of the blender’s wattage or motor power. The Ninjas have 1000-1200 watt motors, which is totally sufficient for us. Our problem with most of the cheaper, non-Ninja blenders was their lack of power. We worried (and the reviews told us) that the blenders just couldn’t handle things like ice or some frozen fruits.

We would definitely buy this again. Maybe even upgrade to a model with more accessories. You can find it at Target, Walmart and Kohl’s, but it’s probably available in almost any retail store near you or online. We found that Target and Walmart had the same prices; Kohl’s was a little more expensive. But everyone seems to have sales all the time, so hopefully you could get it for a steal of a deal.


2 thoughts on “What I Bought: Ninja Blender

    • I’m so jealous! I’ll have to look into whether or not I could purchase the individual serving size pitchers separately. If so, I’m sure they are expensive!

      How thoughtful of you to get one for your brother!

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