What I Bought: Clarisonic Mia

If you read any reviews about the Clarisonic Mia, you’ll see about 98% of people saying that this little tool is a godsend and has worked miracles for their skin. They’ll rave about their skin being so much softer, cleaner and clearer. Maybe even throw in something about a “natural glow” after using it.

You’ll then see about 2% of people who say they wanted the same miracles everyone else got, but that it just didn’t happen. They’ll say their skin feels softer right after using it and that they feel like products sink into the skin better, but that they haven’t noticed any change in their acne or a reduction in oiliness.

I’m in the 2%.

I really wanted to love the Mia, but for me, it’s just an expensive exfoliator. You might be thinking, “Sure, it’s an investment up-front, but now you have it and never have to pay again.” Right, you have the actual Clarisonic, but you have to buy their brush head replacements every three months. After using the Clarisonic for a year, I stopped worrying about replacing the brush heads every three months and moved to a five- or six-month rotation.

What I like: My skin definitely feels squeaky clean after using it. Once I put lotion on, my skin feels really soft. I’d like to say it’s a great exfoliator (maybe it is), it seems like it gets rid of some of my dry, flaky spots right away. But I have all the dry patches again the next morning — so it’s temporary (maybe that’s how skin just works).

What I don’t like: First, the price. I purchased mine on sale and signed up for the Nordstrom credit card at the same time, so I got a little relief. Because I used the Nordstrom card to purchase it, I earned enough points to receive a gift certificate (I think Nordstrom calls them Notes?) that I could use on brush heads later. Second, the price of the replacement brush heads. Third, I still have blemishes — this has done NOTHING to help that in any way. My dermatologist didn’t come right out and say it, but I could tell she doesn’t buy into the Mia hype. She recommended I use it only two or three times a week at most.

Would I buy this again? Definitely not. However, since I seem to fall into the 2% of the Clarisonic Mia-using population, you might have a much different experience. (Congrats if that’s the case! I’m jealous and bitter. Like really, really bitter.)

Oh, PS — if you do buy one, check out stories like Ulta and Sephora. Their Mias come in super cute prints and patterns. The one I bought from Nordstrom is plain white. Mega boring. Not that a cute pattern would have made it work for me, but at least I’d love staring at it while it polishes my epidermis. Kind of like having a cute cell phone case.

mia-replacementheadsI had to buy replacement heads this past weekend and happened to have a Nordstrom Note to use (because I went a little cray cray at their Anniversary Sale). Amazingly this adorable carrying case (and four replacement heads) was leftover from their Anniversary Sale. So not only am I fully stocked on replacement heads for awhile at a relatively cheap price, I also got this absolutely adorable carrying case. Since I never go anywhere that would involve me to carry my replacement brush heads, I need to think of something else to carry in this case.


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