What I Decorated: Guest room part 2

I’ve never been known as a good hostess. In fact, any reference to my hosting would be negative. The best example I have to illustrate just how absent-minded and inconsiderate I am as a hostess would be from about six or seven years ago. Two of my awesome friends from college drove a couple hours each to visit me. When we woke up one morning, everyone was getting around so we could go out for lunch. One friend always gets up earlier than the rest of us — she had showered and was probably ready to go. My second friend went to shower and after finishing her shower, realized she didn’t grab a towel. I went into my linen closet only to realize that since I hadn’t done laundry prior to my friends’ visit, there were no clean towels. All I had was a cheap, scratchy sheet set for her to use. Ridiculous, Lindsey!

After we moved into the house, I vowed that I would become the ‘hostess with the mostest’ (where is that phrase from?). I scoured Pinterest for guest bedroom essentials and paced the aisles of HomeGoods, Pier 1, IKEA, TJ Maxx, Target, Walmart and Ulta, looking for just the right decor and goodies. Originally I was going to spend lots of money on super nice goodies, but I just couldn’t do it. (Sorry, friends.)

I wanted to start buying throw pillows and blankets galore, but I didn’t have a comforter. I went to IKEA and convinced myself to buy a comforter that I didn’t really like. I was hell-bent on walking out the door with something, so I went against my gut feeling and fully committed: I bought the comforter, two throw blankets, two throw pillows and a multitude of pillow cases. I got home and set everything up, but I just wasn’t in love with it.

Then nothing happened. For a long time.

Then it was the week before my friends were coming to visit. I decided to buy a new comforter and basically start all over. I couldn’t return the IKEA stuff because I’d already washed it. Doh! Oh well. I searched all over town for a comforter I actually liked. I almost bought something from Pottery Barn and West Elm. But I truly didn’t LOVE any of it, and I couldn’t rationalize spending that much money on something I didn’t love. Especially since I’d already bought plenty of stuff I didn’t love and was now replacing a majority of it.

I happened to go to a nearby HomeGoods store and fell in love with this comforter.

comforterThe colors were perfectly me, the pattern was classy but not too ‘mature’ and the price was way cheaper than PB or WE. They had it available in a queen and king size — our bed is a king size and I seriously considered buying it for myself and finding something else for the guest room. But I refrained from making Dan sleep in such a feminine bed and went with the queen size comforter for the guest room. A couple of the throw pillows I bought from IKEA worked as far as color, but they are super rough-feeling, so I’m almost positive they are actually outdoor pillows. (Ha, sorry, again, friends.) I went with white sheets and pillow cases for the rest of the bed. I actually found a green sheet set from Walmart that matched the comforter perfectly, but the store I went to was out of queen-size sheets, so I settled for white. Oh, and you won’t see any pictures of the whole bed setup here — I suck at actually putting the bed together, so you just get a comforter swatch 🙂

Now that I had the pièce de résistance, I could decorate the rest of the room. Stay tuned!


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