What I Bought: F21 Necklaces

Forever 21 and I have had a long, storied history. Some of my clothing purchases from there have lasted more than 10 years. Some didn’t last more than 10 days (apparently some fabrics that say they are ‘machine wash cold’ are actually ‘wear this once, then throw away’). As I get older, and realize that “Forever 21” really only applies to the store’s target demographic, I usually browse the store with looks of confusion and dissatisfaction when I see the clothes. (OK, so I’d estimate I could wear about 15% of the clothing in that store — 45% is definitely for the younger crowd and the last 40% shouldn’t be worn by anyone.)

All of that changes when I get to the jewelry section.

In my early, early 20s, I had hit-or-miss taste in jewelry. Forever 21 allowed me to build a better collection in my mid-20s without blowing through the little amount of money I had. I bought so many bib and statement necklaces that have lasted years of regular wear and receive compliments from coworkers, friends and strangers on the street.

I’m not sure when my taste changed from big, statement pieces to more dainty pieces. And gold. I’ve been really into gold necklaces lately. I’m also loving the layered look with necklaces, and Forever 21 helps us beginners learn to layer — there were so many varieties of mustaches, lightning bolts (which spoke to me, clearly), animals and hearts. Being new to layering my jewelry, I just buy two or three of the same charm “family” — all lightning bolts; all animal heads; all arrows — in different sizes and colors. Layering magic done! I’m practically a pro — or at least appear to be.lightning-f21

I’m also loving elephants right now — I bought an elephant print shirt from F21 a few months ago, then bought this elephant charm necklace to layer with one I already have from J. Crew. I have no explanation for the feather and owl — I just thought they were super cute.

othersForever 21 makes it even easier by pricing a majority of these pieces between $2-5. I spent less than $30 for seven necklaces — that’s a “win” in my book. One necklace was only $1.80!

I also bought this larger necklace, which has nothing to do with layering, but I just had to get one non-dainty piece.big-necklace


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