What I Use: Urban Decay Primer Potion

For a long time, I stopped wearing eye shadow. I hate how it disappeared after a couple hours or, worse yet, migrated into the creases of my eyelid, leaving a heavy deposit of color. I noticed that a majority of the women I knew had this same problem. Even eye shadow that claimed to be long-lasting or all-day wear was gone within a couple hours, barely making it past my mid-morning snack.

I’ve never been “good” with makeup: I knew none of the tricks; I’d always used cheap, drugstore products — I just didn’t know any better. Then came YouTube.

My fascination with “beauty vloggers” on YouTube started one quiet, cold winter morning. It quickly snowballed into a mild obsession, to the point where I didn’t care what was on TV anymore — I just wanted to see what new videos my favorite vloggers had posted. The beauty vloggers not only shared all their secrets, but also did tutorials so I could see exactly how it was done. I learned how to braid my hair; how to properly apply my foundation and so much more. This may sound vain, but it was life changing.

Probably the most life-changing of all the products I have seen is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. This little product goes on your eyelids a few minutes before your eye shadow. I usually apply the primer potion, do my blush, then come back to my eye shadow. If you’ve never tried an eyelid primer, you probably won’t believe me when I say this: Your eye shadow will last ALL day and well into the night. The only time my eyeshadow has budged is when I’ve been rubbing my eyes.

This product is the holy grail of eye makeup.

You can buy it at stores like Sephora and Ulta, and some department stores, like Macy’s and Nordstrom. You can also buy it from Urban Decay’s website (they typically have sales every so often and offer free shipping on orders $50 and up). There are several colors you can choose from, all of which are pretty neutral. I’ve only used the original color. The others might suffice as enough color all on their own, no need for actual eye shadow.

I bought my first tube in fall 2011. It probably lasted me a year and a half, which I”m pretty sure surpasses the printed on “shelf life.” But I’ve had no issues. I LOVE this stuff.


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