What I Made: DIY lamp (guest room part 1)

I have a couple friends coming to town in the near future, so I’m frantically trying to put together our guestroom. We have a bedroom set that Dan bought off of CraigsList for super cheap a few years ago. I don’t necessarily love the look of the pieces, but I love that we already own it 🙂

I’ll do a separate post that shows the bedding; tonight’s post is about a lamp. I naively thought I could buy a decent-looking lamp for cheap. After making trips to Walmart, Target, HomeGoods and a few other stores, I quickly learned that my definition of cheap and the stores’ definitions of cheap aren’t quite the same. Plus, there’s a difference in my own definition of cheap when I’m talking about our guestroom vs. our living room. The living room is a space where we’ll spend a majority of our time every single day. The guestroom will be used maybe once or twice a year. So…I do want a super cute lamp, but I’d rather spend as little as possible so I can use that extra money on things for other, more useable rooms in the house.

One of my favorite Sunday rituals since moving to Eagan is visiting the Goodwill store. I’ve found so many good buys — mostly glasses and coffee cups. I don’t even drink coffee, but I love little coffee/tea cups. Anyway. I went to the Goodwill store this morning after striking out at Walmart and Target. I found a lamp with a shape that I liked, but not the right color. I’ve seen enough DIY lamp posts on Pinterest, so I felt confident I could create something I really liked out of the selection at Goodwill.

Here’s what I bought:

Before!Look at this brass beauty! To be honest, after I cleaned it off (with a damp cloth and then a little Dawn dish soap), it actually looked OK. If I was going for the gold look, I probably would have left it alone.

But I wasn’t.

I bought silver metallic Krylon spray paint from Walmart and went to town. I’m super happy with how the color turned out.

after1lamp and shade

The lamp shade came from Target’s Threshold brand – $10.99. I wouldn’t say I love it, but I’m happy enough for the guest room lamp.

I browsed lamps at HomeGoods for about half an hour. I can’t wait until we start our living room redesign — there are SO many adorable lamps there.


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