What I Bought: Express shorts

I was in Mall of America one night, having dinner with a couple coworkers. On my way out, I passed the store window at Express. I haven’t purchased anything at Express for awhile, mostly because my nearly 30-year-old-behind doesn’t look as good in their unsupportive jeans as it maybe did when I was in my early 20s. But my eyes were drawn to bright, poppy orange shorts on a store mannequin. It was love at first sight. The shorts instantly made me feel happy.

I went into the store, found the shorts and grabbed two sizes that I thought might work. I had several pairs of similar Express shorts that I’d purchased a few years ago. I liked the way those fit, so I stuck with that size, plus I grabbed one size lower (just in case my workouts had really made a difference). The treadmill hasn’t made a difference – the larger size was a better fit. I liked that they were a little longer – they felt like they’d work for all occasions rather than being so short I’d feel uncomfortable around family and neighbors.

I bought several pairs…when I find clothing items that I like, I typically buy multiples of them. Usually this is OK, but sometimes I buy four of something and then realize a month later – after removing all the tags and washing them – they I actually hate them. Luckily this hasn’t been the case with the shorts. I bought five pairs: poppy/orange, black and white ikat, dark denim, white, and aqua blue with a Hawaiian floral pattern (see my leg modeling them below). I love them! The quality was decent, in my opinion, but I’m not sure my standards are as high as yours. Like I said, I have several pairs of shorts from Express that I bought maybe 7 years ago and they are still in great shape.


They look great with basic tees and with slightly dressier button-down shirts. My chambray two-pocket top looks awesome with all of the shorts (except maybe the Hawaiian print…). I have absolutely no buyer’s remorse.

What I bought: 4 ½ inch belted cotton sateen shorts

What I paid: About $30 per pair (they were 40% off) — they’re on sale now!

I read several of the user reviews, just to get an idea of some people’s outfit ideas (everyone loves the portofino shirts from some reason; I tried one on and hated it). Since I was able to try the shorts on, I didn’t need help finding a size. But if you’re ordering online, some reviews with the buyer’s measurements can be super helpful.


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